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WEB Hosting

Innovative demi-dedicated hosting system for creative agencies!

Creative agencies know that speed and availability of web sites are as important as their content and design. This is why we created a solution that offers consistent quality and speed of a dedicated system at the competitive price of a shared hosting solution. To achieve this, we use our own resource balancing system, to provide enough resources for each user on the shared server. We call it demi-dedicated hosting!

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Amazing Speed

You will not beleive how fast your site loads!

To achieve superior speed, we carefully monitored performances of several typical shared hosting solutions, and identified multiple bottlenecks that not only greatly affect the performance, but in many cases compromise system security. By eliminating these deficiencies we can offer database and PHP specs that virtually have no limit, unprecedented on shared hosting, giving you the power to create most demanding applications and web sites.

Dual Power

The latest technology meets compatibility!

Everyone’s favorite – dependable Apeche2 web server is backed up with NGINX [Engine X] proxy and server side caching, for maximum speed, compatibility and our signature highest security. This design gives us compatibility with all current CMS’s, Cloud engines, Marketing Automation platforms, even Conferencing and SIEM software designed for a standard LAMP system.

But even the best design is nothing without pure power. That is why we run our servers on newest 3rd gen AMD EPYC™ processors.

More perks

For your flexibility and security!

  • Up to 1TB storage for every account
  • Reputable mail delivery system for your campaigns
  • Multiple DNS servers for DDoS protection
  • Server side virus and malware protection
  • Daily backups to location 4000 km away from the primary data center
  • Two factor authentication for every account
  • No need for advance payments
  • True expert support