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Cyber Security

Cyber crime protection and disaster recovery

With continuous development of new technologies and growth of your organization’s value, number of threats to your business rise exponentially. Hackers today are ranging from the ones low in knowledge, that use publicly available scripts to attack random systems on a large scale hoping they will stumble upon a vulnerability, to highly sophisticated, knowledgeable and well organized groups attacking specific targets. Former ones are usually self employed, but quite often they are hired by your enemies, competitors, even foreign governments.

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Risk Assessment

First stone for building your digital fortress!

Risk assessment is the first step in understanding your needs, and a requirement of the most information security certifications and regulations. Depending on the industry you are in,  number and type of systems you use, number of risks you are facing can range anywhere between a 100 and a 1000. Using our information system risk assessment tool, and threat level calculation method similar to the one used in Sarbanes Oxley, we will present you with large and comprehensive list of your risks, their possible impact and most importantly, avoidance and mitigation recommendations for you to implement.

Security Trainings

Turn your employees into information security ambassadors!

Regular security trainings are identified by all information security authorities not as the best, but as the only effective way to mitigate threats which use employees in their scheme. In two hour engaging and interactive training by our Information security and communication expert, your employees will learn how to recognize phishing and social engineering attempts, gain understanding about importance of strong password and MFA policies, dangers of IoT and portable storage devices, and all other dangers lurking in cyberspace.

Under Attack?

Every second counts. Call immediately!

You did everything in your power to protect yourself, but the attack is happening, oh has already succeeded? Your business is in serious risk, damages and recovery costs could be extreme, and are rising every second? Call immediately, and let us help you neutralize the threat, and restore normal business operations.

Hire a Hacker

Prevention is the best way to deal with cyber criminals

We can help your business test your cyber security by performing security audits, external and internal pen testing, and DDoS resilience tests, with recommendations to fix all deficiencies, vulnerabilities, or general weaknesses of your systems. Our ethical hackers are EU members of ISACA, operating under strict rules of engagement, and are not crowdsourced.