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Virtual networks, servers, firewalls, load balancers…

Virtualization technology allows us not only to significantly decrease the price, it provides us with a possibility to create much more flexible setups by re-scaling any resource at will, which is imperative if performance or capacity increase is needed, without downtime, and expensive equipment upgrades. This way we are ensuring your business continuity without breaking our budget.

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Preparing the system for the hockey stick effect.

Regardless of business needs, systems should be scalable and flexible enough to accommodate any business situation, planned or not.

Every marketeer knows about the hockey stick effect. It is the effect we really want to see in our usage and conversion charts. In essence, hockey stick effect is sudden exponential growth after a long quiet period. Our systems should be prepared to accommodate this growth. This means that we need a capability to add resources to the system either automatically or manually in a matter of minutes.


Ensuring smooth operations and compliance!

Our systems are designed with recommendations and best practices for GDPR and PCI/DSS in mind, so they are compliant immediately on deployment. Data and critical systems are redundant and safely isolated from the internet, thus the risks of failures, unauthorized exposure or loss of data are significantly reduced. Additionally, each server we deploy is checked by about 200 posture, and 60 penetration resilience tests, which can be repeated periodically according to our business, certification and regulatory needs. Keeping all the hackers frustrated is our promise for a piece of mind.


Eliminating most of data leaking risks!

Along with precious customer data, our business data is always in danger of being compromised. By isolating, encrypting and fortifying access to those data, we keep them safe against unauthorized access by hackers, competition and other parties that would love to get a hold of them for various purposes. The information with who and when (sometimes the what) we communicate can be used to hurt our business. This information leakage is often the payment for free or cheap global cloud services that would otherwise be unsustainable.

Let’s Work Together

Let’s start with business analysis, and fast-track your project!

Prepare the business requirements and allow our experts to design the best system for the project. We will propose and implement the best technical solution for your core and supporting systems, that will not only quickly bring ideas and business plans to life, but will also create a strong platform for future digital integration, task automation, and new services.